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P-COT is the first part of our orientation process which helps aspiring Asian Missionaries and PI candidates get to know our organisation and take further steps in their missions journey. Many of the people who do this on-line program may not yet have decided whether they are going to the mission field, or know where they are called to, or decided whether to join Pioneers. 


The programme is intended to help people explore, seek the Lord's heart and take the next steps in the missions journey. For many of them, by the time they finish the P-COT program they have much more clarity in their call and more information with which to make decisions. Many aspiring Asian Missionaries then continue to our Candidate Orientation Program (COP), which is focused on equipping them for cross-cultural work amongst the unreached.

Image by Eirik Skarstein

Module 1:
Who is Pioneers?

Let's get to know each other! Here, you will know about Pioneers, our History, our Mission Statement, and Core Values, and lastly, Mobilisation.

Image by Tianshu Liu

Module 2:
Missions 101

This is where you will learn about Pioneers' Core Values, the Biblical Basis for Mission, Mobilising for the Great Commission, and Cross Culture Work in Mission.

Image by Muhammad Muzamil

Module 3: Introduction to Cultural Intelligence

Let's talk about Culture and one of our Core Values: Servant Leadership.

Image by Aaron Burden

Module 4 : Church Planting Movement (CPM)

Learn about the CPM Model and ministries, and find out what the Pioneers Team is doing around the  globe.

Image by youssef naddam

Module 5 : Support Raising

Learn the practical steps for support raising.

Image by Franck

Module 6 : Security

This module will tackle the security of field workers and how you can protect yourself in the field.

Image by Hannah Busing

Module 7 : Team

Let's talk about one of our Core Values: Team. The practical aspects and functions of a team. And find out what happens after PCOT.

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