Are you interested in learning more about Unreached People Groups, Church Planting Movements and answers to questions about living as a missionary? Here are some fantastic resources to help you on your missions journey!



Perspectives Course

An in-depth 15-session course offering a comprehensive understanding of the history of missions and the World Christian movement globally.



Joshua Project

A website dedicated to cataloging thousands of people groups, offering demographic and prayer information.



Operation World

Listing of all the countries in the world, also offering demographic and prayer information.



Support Raising Solutions

Practical helps for missionaries raising support and featuring a helpful blog and other resources.



Desiring God

Inspiring sermons about frontier missions, church planting movements and finishing the task of the Great Commission.



Ask a Missionary

Offering hundreds of answers from a variety of missionary perspectives to the questions pre-field missionaries most want to know.



Tending Scattered Wool

A wonderful resource for missionaries on the field, or those working in member care about how missionaries can best maintain emotional, mental and spiritual health.



A Life Overseas

This blog is reguarly updated with a variety of mission related topics written from the perspective of different missionaries.