"I am Really Happy!"

A story from one of our missionaries in Vietnam – a testimony of a young believer.

I’m not from Christian family, but when I was young, I had dreamt of having my wedding in the church. At that time, I still don’t know about God. I did not believe in any god.

As I grew up in Hanoi, and I had many friends who were Christians. I heard them talk about God many times, but I still don’t believe.

One day, when I was facing a big problem in life, I lost faith in my own belief and wanted to give up on life. I met a pastor in the church near my house. He talked about many things in life and about God. At that time I still don’t know the difference between Catholic and Christian. But I want to know more about God. I looked for information on the internet, and I followed my friends to church.

The first time I went to church, I was surprise and happy. Nobody there know me, but they smiled at me and talked to me like a friend. We sang some songs about God, and I felt there was no distance separating God and me.

As I listened to the lectures from the Pastor, I don’t always understand what he said as I was not good with English. But what I understood, I was happy with. My knowledge and love for God grew. I still go to the church often on Sunday morning, and I’m really happy. Every week I look forward to go to church. I love God very much, even though I still need to know more about Him.

One day, my friends, Hope and Joy came and asked me if I would like to attend a Bible class. It has been so good to learn more about the Bible and me thank God for leading me to the lessons. I am learning step by step to believe Him more and more each day. Now I am really happy and proud to say that Jesus is my Lord. Thank God because He came into my life.


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