Healing of a Newborn Baby

This is a great opportunity for me to share the testimony of Mus Sheik. He is a secret believer of our Lord Jesus Christ and he can’t attend regularly at our Friday worship services or even keep touch with us due to the social pressure of his relatives & other M neighbours.

In his testimony on 20th June 2014 at our Friday worship service, he testified that he believes in Jesus a few years ago. He shared that when he used to join with other believers at Friday worship services to worship Jesus, he had heard several testimonies of other believers of how the Lord Jesus has helped them in their difficult times and how He has provided their needs in miraculous way and how Jesus protected their lives from danger and persecution for His own glory.

He shared that a few weeks ago, his daughter has delivered a pre-mature baby and the baby’s life was in danger. The baby was admitted to the Hospital and Doctor told Mus that there is no hope of survival for the new-born baby. At that time, he remembered all the testimonies of the believers at the Friday worship services and he prayed to Jesus to help his grandson so that he might survive.

He told us that Jesus has answered of his prayer and the new-born baby was healed and within few days, he was released from the local hospital. Mus shared his wonderful testimony of God’s healing touch on his grandson for His own glory.


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