Play Time Pays Off

What are some of our Pioneers inAsia missionaries engaged in on the mission field? One family has just established a playschool and kindergarten among an unreached people group in Indonesia. At the recent opening ceremony, a partner church was even able to offer a medical outreach to the local community to commemorate this new opportunity for ministry.

This playschool and kindergarten started in mid-January and there are currently 26 children enrolled in the 2 classes. School starts from Monday to Friday, and runs from 8am -10:30am with three local ladies work alongside the missionary staff. “The mothers, who are mostly in their late 20’s and early 30’s, usually wait for their kids to finish studies,” the missionary says. They stand outside looking in through the windows following the learning process of their children closely. This opens the opportunity for the Pioneers workers to form a women’s group to minister to these mothers. Already, a good rapport is being built between the mothers and teachers at the playschool – especially as the mothers see the teachers discipline their children in healthy, godly ways. “The way in which discipline is carried out by the missionary teachers is miles apart from how the villagers usually discipline their kids,” says the missionary.

On separate occasions, a few mothers have approached the teachers saying that this was the first time that they had ever seen such discipline carried out, expressing a keen desire to learn about it. Some mothers even confessed that they had disciplined their kids by holding a machete because this was usually how their husbands and forefathers did it.

The playschool presents a significant opportunity for this unreached village to be infiltrated with the truth about Jesus as missionaries and local believers live out their faith in practical and powerful ways. The missionary teachers get to pour into the lives of the kids, build connections with the parents and then get invited into their broader family and relational networks in order to minister. Pray for this unreached village that they will come to see the difference that Christ can make in their lives as Savior.

*Photo courtesy of Commnet Media


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