Yes, You Can Use Your Professional Skills On the Mission Field! Here's How...

Preachers, Doctors, Teachers: Not so long ago, these were the stereotypical jobs for Missionaries. Establishing churches, clinics or schools were the traditional methods for ministering on the overseas field. Although Business as Mission has become more popular over the last decade, it has not always been that way.

When Ted Fletcher, the Founder of Pioneers International, first sensed a call to missions, many Missions Agencies told him that he was not equipped to be a Missionary because he did not have the traditional theological training. Yet, Ted Fletcher, having been a highly successful Businessman in the USA, would certainly be a valuable contribution on the mission field with his leadership skills and knowledge of business and people. Thankfully, Mr. Fletcher did not give up on the call to missions. Instead, he and his wife established Pioneers as a Missions Agency that valued innovation and flexibility in ministry. Today, Pioneers Missionaries come from all walks of life and each uses their professional skills in unique ways to reach unreached people groups. When it comes to ministry, the possibilities of using your professional skills are endless!

Here are a few ways Missionaries are using their skills and passions to reach unreached people groups:

Small Business Owners– Business savvy Missionaries establish coffee shops, restaurants or merchandise shops in order to build relationships with locals and to disciple staff.

Early Childhood Educators– Missionaries with a heart for children have countless opportunities to minister to kids by working in schools, pre-schools or as tutors for local or expat families.

Life Coaches and Business Consultants – Missionaries with gifts in teaching and coaching can use their motivational skills to help coach in leadership and business skills. Being able to do so in English is particularly beneficial and appealing to potential clients.

Fitness, Dance and Sport Instructors – Skills in coaching, facilitating or teaching dance or sport can easily open doors to establish small businesses (gym, dance studio, sports complex) and build relationships with active locals of all ages.

Farmers – In many rural areas, skills in agriculture or raising livestock can make major inroads for ministry. Even if you have no prior skill in this area, a willingness to learn will almost certainly facilitate a connection with locals on rural mission fields.

Designers and Visual Artists – A unique opportunity for ministry in oral cultures is for artists to illustrate stories from the Bible in culturally-relevant ways for evangelistic media. Additionally, Interior or Graphic Designers can work alongside teams of Missionaries, local churches or local businesses to help develop aesthetic aspects of a business or ministry on the mission field.

Accountants and Administrators – Nearly every team of Missionaries on the field is eager to recruit team members who have financial, organizational and administrative skills! Every ministry or small business needs people who can successfully run the day-to-day logistics—if you have an accounting or administrative background, you will be a great blessing on the mission field!

Hospitality Managers and Tour Guides – Tourism is a natural way of building relationships, employing locals or creating a small business on the foreign field. For those who have experience or even interest in working in tourism (running a resort, facilitating eco-tours, etc), there are plenty of opportunities!

Does any profession on this list surprise you? There are many Missionaries across the world engaged in these professions as methods of reaching the unreached people groups. This list names just a few of the opportunities for our Pioneers inAsia Missionaries on the field—the possibilities are endless!

Are you interested in learning more about using your profession in missions? Email us to explore the creative options that await you on the mission field!

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