Storytelling in the Mountains

One of the young missionaries sent out by Pioneers inAsia, ‘Anna’, travelled with her team to a remote village in an unreached area in East Asia over their spring break. Anna welcomed the break from her language classes - little did she know just what God would do during that week! Prior to the trip, Anna and her team had been taught some basic principles in "storying" and this week was their opportunity to try it out themselves. Going into the local town square and sharing Gospel stories, they found people keen to listen to their stories. Small crowds came to listen to the Word of God being spoken aloud.

“While we were there,” Anna said, “we asked God for many ‘impossible’ things, and watched as He handed them to us one by one! It was an experience that greatly strengthened my faith!”

One such “impossible thing” that Anna witnessed was to watch her fellow team member lead a woman from a typically resistant unreached people group to Christ! This woman previously had seeds planted in hear heart through a conversation with her cousin (who is a believer) and wanted to hear more about the Bible. One of the national workers serving alongside Anna's team told the unreached lady the story of the Bible and then invited her to accept Christ. “She was ready and eager!” Anna exclaimed.

Praise God that he is using Asian young people such as Anna to reach the unreached in radical ways! Pray that the Lord will continue to raise up new young workers willing to go “the ends of the earth” for His glory.

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