A Discipleship Lesson From Japan

This story is from a Pioneers worker serving in Japan, specifically praising God for His work in the heart of a Chinese man who attends a Bible study hosted by her team.

"How can we tell which is the right method to find God?"

Min, a Chinese seeker who has been attending our church off and on the last year, asked this question during Friday night bible study. We had been talking about how the Pharisee’s attempts to please God through keeping the commandments didn't impress Him very much. Min was confused. If they did everything right, why wasn't God happy? How could copying what Jesus did make them any better than they already were?

This opened up a really great discussion. While it is true that we are supposed to obey, Jesus was really exposing the heart motivations of the Pharisees. The Pharisees were coming to God, asking Him to acknowledge that they were righteous because they did all the right things. But what God really wanted was for them to come to Him, freely admitting they had not done all the right things and that God alone is righteous. That is how we please God and can draw close to Him.

Though we'd been talking about the passage in the Book of Mark for quite some time, when I explained repentance that way, Min’s face lit up with understanding. Min is beginning to search and grapple with who is Christ because of his own desire to know Jesus for himself.

Pray that the Holy Spirit would continue to work in Min’s heart so that he understands his need for Christ!

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