Prayer Intercessor in the Middle East

Do you have a heart for intercession? Join a team that senses the need for overcoming the spiritual, cultural, and religious strongholds through the power of prayer. This business-focused team has been practicing Fair Trade principles as a church planting model for several years. As their ministry develops and expands, they are seeing spiritual opposition increase. They believe prayer will open doors that would otherwise remain shut. Come be a part of this business team and take up the "job" of intercession. Join in daily intercession meetings; be available to pray with others; initiate prayer-walks and help facilitate prayer retreats.

The person we are seeking should be:

  • Flexible and open to new ideas

  • Feels called to prayer as a primary ministry

  • Understands that this is a unique but real ministry and one which the team considers a vital part of their Church Planting strategy

  • Able to serve a minimum of 3 months, but preferably 6 months to 1 year

  • Has some business or ministry background and/or served overseas

If you are interested in prayer ministry, ministry in the Middle East or ministry using business, please contact us. This is just one of many opportunities we have available!

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