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Global (Missions) Entrepreneurship


Global or Missions Entrepreneurship is the activity of using business or professional skills from the marketplace to advance the Kingdom of God and the Great Commission.


The goal for this course is to help the global missions movement find new ways to solve old problems and new challenges.


The missions landscape has been ever changing, and as information technology grows, more and more countries are becoming increasingly aware of global mission movements. Shifting our mindset to look for ways to still make an impact on these difficult countries to enter will be an essential element of taking the gospel to the unreached. This course explores, through case studies, a multitude of ways on a business level to engage unreached peoples by using professional skills. It addresses the challenges as well as the blessings that come along with our attempts to make this mindset shift among an increasingly hostile environment to the gospel. The gospel will go forward, the question is how? We believe strongly that utilising business could essentially help aid in the progress of the gospel among the unreached. Journey with us through the case studies and explore what other missionaries are already doing around the world.

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  • Introduction: 5 Ways to engage in Global Entrepreneurship

  • Case Study: Bugkalot Coffee Company

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Workshop 2: The Essential Ingredient of Partnership

  • Teaching : The Essential Ingredient of Partnership

  • Panel Discussion about Partnership

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Workshop 3: Pitfalls to Avoid

  • Teaching : Pitfalls to Avoid

  • Case Study : Sea Cucumber Farming

Image by Kris Atomic

Workshop 4: Building a Missional Business / Enterprise

  • Teaching : Growing my entrepreneurship capacity

  • Case study : Cafe Business

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