From a basic "Missions 101" course for your congregation, to in-depth training for pre-field missionaries, Pioneers inAsia is pleased to offer a wide variety of missions courses. Here is a sample of training we offer, but don't be limited to just these topics! We can customize the training that's right for you and your church! Just contact us!



Inspiring Missions

Pioneers inAsia offers dynamic missionary speakers to inspire your congregation with stories of God’s global work. Our speakers come from all walks of life and offer wisdom from years of cross-cultural experience within numerous nations. Book one of our speakers for a one-night power-packed session to inspire and inform your church with stories of what God is doing around the world when it comes to fulfilling the Great Commission.


Topics include:


  • “Don’t Send Me to Africa!”

  • The Truth About China

  • Finding Open Doors in “Creative Access” Countries

  • From the Corporate World to the Mission Field



Exploring Missions in the Third Millennium

Engaging presentations targeted to believers from all walks of life, designed to foster awareness of the most current mission needs in the world today. This course is taught over 5 evening sessions and includes additional weekly reading and reflection to make the material most relevant to your missions involvement—whether as a potential “Goer” or “Sender.” This course will help you expand your view of God’s global work…and how you can be involved!


Topics include:


  • Global trends around the world

  • The role of goers / senders / givers

  • Making sense of unreached / unengaged / undiscipled people definitions

  • Ministry methods (including Business as Mission, Church Planting Movements and Community Development)
    The role of goers / senders / givers



Missions in Your Backyard

Practical training on how to share the Gospel across cultures, enabling you and your congregation to effectively reach out to the nations right here in Singapore. This session is divided into two half-day sessions and will include learning the basics of various worldviews, as well as practical workshops on sharing your faith in culturally-relevant ways. This course is ideal for believers from all walks, but particularly those who seek to minister “missionally” but don’t necessarily have the freedom to go long-term onto a foreign field.


Topics include:


  • Sharing the Gospel across cultures: Do’s and Don’ts

  • Understanding values and beliefs of different cultures

  • Using narrative and stories as a means of evangelism


Fulfilling Antioch

An inspirational and informative one-day course to challenge the church in Singapore to seek to live out our prophetic calling as “The Antioch of Asia.” This course will help missionally-minded believers to regain a vision for their role in world missions and learn the specifics of the remaining task of the Great Commission.


Topics include:


  • What does Antioch teach us?

  • What have we learned from history?

  • Understanding and engaging in best practices for missions mobilization

Ready to Launch:
Pre-Field Training

An intensive preparatory program for those seeking to serve as missionaries—whether long-term or short-term. This training is held in 5 evening sessions and will equip you with valuable tools and wisdom to minister to the specific nation you feel called to. This practical training, combined with a greater knowledge of missions and culture, will help you gain the confidence needed to launch into your missions journey.


Topics include:


  • Preparing yourself spiritually

  • Enduring culture shock and transition

  • Effective methods of evangelism in your host culture


Asians in Global Missions:
Training Lay Leaders

A two-day intensive retreat to equip church members and staff how to best care for their missionaries on the field. This course will provide greater understanding of the global trends in missions today, mistakes missionaries often make and the challenges of life on the field. These insights will offer church leaders the wisdom and perspective to rightly support their missionaries, whilst allowing both parties to develop realistic goals and expectations of missionary’s ministry.


Topics include:


  • Making sense of the partnership between church and agencies

  • Best practices for mobilization

  • Effective strategies for pastoral care