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To whistle-blow is to report concerns by employees or other stakeholders in good faith on misconduct or malpractice that may be detrimental to the organisation and/or public interest. However, grievances of a personal nature are not a whistle-blowing concern.


This policy covers serious concerns that could have a significant impact on the organisation. These include (a) fraudulent activity; (b) incorrect financial reporting; (c) unlawful activities; and (d) misconduct or unethical conduct.


Confidentiality and Protection

Reports of whistle-blowing concerns are kept confidential to the extent possible to meet the needs of the investigation. PiA is committed to protect a person who reports in good faith from intimidation, retaliation or adverse employment consequence.



Concerns may be raised with or information provided to: The Attention of the Chairman of the Board c/o Pioneers inAsia (Singapore) Ltd 330A Tanjong Katong Road Singapore 437106 (marked ‘Private and Confidential’).


Such reports are preferably made in writing, either in the form of a letter or email, and in detail setting out the background and history of events as well as the reason(s) for concern.


Investigation of Whistle-blowing Reports

Reports will be reviewed by the Board of PiA to take the necessary investigatory or other appropriate action. The reporting party will be advised of the outcome.