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A Call to Holiness

Updated: Apr 15

Psalm 15:1 asks the question, “Who may worship in Your sanctuary, Lord?” (NLT).

The ensuing answer in this Psalm as to who will qualify may seem a little daunting – someone who is blameless, who refuses to gossip, who keeps their promises even when it hurts, amongst a longer list. This Psalm is a reminder to us that God is Holy, and that His holiness is on a higher plane, far beyond what we can even imagine with our limited comprehension. Moreover, God calls us to be holy, as He is. This is an invitation for us to rise up in holiness, to take the effort to discipline ourselves and strive to have the qualities that He has.


At the same time that I came across this Psalm, I also encountered this beautiful worship song titled “God’s Unchanging Love” ( This song speaks of God’s great love for us, and that nothing can separate us from His love – whether it be external circumstances or our internal struggles. The truth of this 

proclamation of God’s love for us truly reaches into the innermost areas of our hearts and spirits, and grows our confidence in a God who loves us so much.


How beautiful it is to be reminded both of God’s holiness, and His undying love. God does not just call us to be holy, but He binds us to His love that compels us to be like Him. Let us embrace both His holiness and His love to be more like Him.

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