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Bugkalot Meets the Mayor

On this particular occasion the Bugkalot even got to meet with the Mayor and Vice Mayor of Manila, Philippines.

One of our Pioneers inAsia staff just so happens to be a field worker as well. Andy Benezette has spent a good deal of his almost 16 years of ministry being involved in one business or another. His most recent involvement is in the agricultural industry where he has been helping alongside the Bugkalot to grow coffee.

Andy is mostly involved with getting the coffee to market and helping with sales, but is also doing other small community development projects and business’ to help the Bugkalot people.

The Bugkalot are a hard working tribe that hail from the Sierra Madre mountain range in the northern province of Luzon, Philippines.

They have a rich history, and the story of how the gospel reached their ears is nothing short of a miracle. You can go to to learn more about the farmers.

It isn’t often that the Bugkalot tribal people leave their small community to come down to the bustling city of Manila, but on such a special occasion as this. A coffee festival where Philippine coffee was on display for all to taste and to try. The Bugkalot have worked hard in the farms taking special care of their coffee trees, for just this moment.

On this particular occasion the Bugkalot even got to meet with the Mayor and Vice Mayor of Manila. The coffee is a testament to their hard work and determination to be able to build economy in their community in able to give more money to the church, and to send out more missionaries to other unreached people groups remaining in the Philippines. Please spend some time in prayer for the Bugkalot and the Bugkalot Bible Christian Fellowship church which has mobilized 6 missionary units to reach the Agta people in the southern part of the Luzon province.

If you are interested in donating to this ministry, you can do so by using the QR code above.

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