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Pioneers inAsia Joined GoForth 2023’s “Missions To Unreached People Groups”

As we continue to celebrate our 25th Anniversary, the Pioneers inAsia team will be sharing about God and Missions on the 25th of every month in 2023. For the month of May, PiA shared at *GoForth 2023’s “Missions To Unreached People Groups” Programme Track.

We were thrilled to be able to share and connect with others who have an interest in the Unreached People Groups, which is one of PiA’s 8 core values. Our prayers and priorities are inclined towards this group who tend to have the least resources, attention and effort devoted towards them because they are generally difficult to reach. Thus we value the collaboration with churches and mission agencies to reach them.

Would you take the next 2.5 minutes to pray for the Unreached People Groups of the World, that they may be reached with the love of Jesus by the Gospel?

🙏 Please also join us to pray for these 25 UPGs found in this Catalogue.

Pioneers inAsia

#25theverymonth #May2023

*GoForth is a National Missions Movement in Singapore that encourages Christians to arise and fulfil the Great Commission.

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