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Worn Out Jeans

I have heard it said that you should never trust a man of God who doesn't walk with a limp. I like this saying.  Someone who has been through hardships can sympathise better with those who are struggling.

In an age where Bible apps on smartphones are more commonly in use than paper bibles, it is hard to decipher someone else’s faith journey. 

Last week, when I was training in the mission field, I noticed that many  of the tribal people still used paper Bibles (which makes sense). Above is a picture of one of their bibles. 

I believe that our faith starts and ends with how much time we spend in God's Word. If I had to guess about this person's understanding of God's Word and his faith journey… I'd conclude that he is in it to win it!

May our Bibles be more worn out than our favourite pair of jeans.

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