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"God Must Be Telling Me Something!"

The following is a true story from one of our missionaries serving in East Asia.

*Names have been changed or omitted for security reasons.

We met a local university professor last month, "Grace." She is a single mother with a 15 year old son who has been struggling with parenting issues and with deep hurts from her past.

In her desperation, a voice inside told her to go to talk to a co-worker, "Mercy", with whom she had good interactions years before (although it had been 5 years since they'd last conversed). At the time, Grace didn't know Mercy was a believer! Because of their workplace's sensitivity to spiritual talk, Mercy tried to encourage Grace but didn't tell her about God. Instead, she referred Grace to [my wife] for counseling.

We had Grace and her son, "Evan", over for dinner. After listening to the mother's painful stories, [my wife] naturally pointed Grace to the One who gives healing and hope - Jesus! As [my wife] shared scripture with her and told her about Jesus' love, Grace responded with excitement, "You are the third person who talked to me about Jesus recently! God must be telling me something!" Another of the other persons who shared with her was a visiting professor from a major university in this country. We were amazed at how God had used the Body to prepare Grace's heart to receive

His Salvation amidst her pain and life challenges.

After I shared the Gospel with her, Grace asked, "How can I receive it?" [My wife] said, "Just pray with a sincere heart." She shared, "Okay. I want to first go home to take a shower before I ask Jesus to come into my life." Grace sent [my wife] a message over the phone the next day saying that she had felt great peace after she prayed that night.

When they had arrived at our door that first time, Evan had said,"This is the first Han home that I have ever entered!" Praise God that [our children] were great hosts to this boy who never had any real friends in his life! Now Evan wants to come and spend time with our boys whenever he has free time!

The following weekend, we invited Grace and Mercy over for dinner. We also asked Mercy to invite the visiting professor. We ended up having a great time praising God and fellowship at our home! Mercy has started meeting with Grace on Sundays. [My wife] continues to meet with Grace hoping to help her to find deliverance from past baggage/hurts. Our boys will continue to minister to Evan as well.

Please pray for Grace to grow in her faith. Pray that the Gospel will penetrate into Grace's soul and will provide inner healing for both her and her son, Evan.

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