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Freedom From Darkness

The following is a true story from one of our global workers in East Asia. Be encouraged by the Lord's display of power across the nations!

A couple weeks ago, "Phoebe" [the wife of a Pioneers missionary] was asked to pray for a woman from an Unreached People Group in Asia who had just come to faith in Jesus. ‘Anna’ needed prayer because she had been tormented by demons. We invited two sisters from her church to join as well and the five of us met to pray before we headed to Anna's home.

"Jesus gave them authority to drive out evil spirits and to heal every disease and sickness." (Mark 10:1)

Anna had been a believer for some months and had been experiencing demonic attack every night. She told us that she could hear voices (male and female) mocking her when she prayed. These attacks were so severe that she was unable to sleep for many days. Anna had been staying with her unbelieving parents because she was too afraid to go back to her own apartment.

We went to Anna’s home and after some prompting and questions, Anna confessed that she had gone back to some of her old ways of life. We led her through some specific prayers of confession as we read passages of Scripture and asked the Holy Spirit to convict her. Together, in Jesus' name, we bound the work of Satan in her life and, after she confessed her sins, cast out the demons that were tormenting her.

Praise God that Anna was set free! She now is able to sleep and doesn't hear those voices anymore!

Please pray for this precious sister to stand firm in the Truth and remain strong in her walk with Jesus. Pray that she would have a steadfast hunger for His word and a desire for fellowship with fellow believers. Pray for a good local community of faith to surround Anna and encourage her.

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